• Each student who is required to complete a minor, or who chooses to do so, should contact the department that offers the minor to determine which specific courses are mandated.
  • Admissions committees rarely favor concentration in specialized, technical curricula unless such study is adequately supplemented by advanced work in the social sciences and humanities.
  • Individual departments may have their own Honors program for their majors.
  • During the four-year academic program, co-op students complete two to four periods of work away from campus, gaining experience through on-the-job training and thus improving their opportunities for future employment.
  • Law Most law school admissions committees require a student to have a baccalaureate degree, or equivalent, as well as an acceptable score on the Law School Admissions Test LSAT.
  • Government Service MPA Programs Most graduate programs in public administration recommend a broad background of knowledge and skills in the following areas:
  • Students also may select, as free electives, courses which address cultural diversity issues in the United States.
  • A grade of C or higher is required if a course is to be counted toward the minor field.
  • Both majors may be within the college, or one major may be outside the college, provided both majors lead to the same baccalaureate degree.
  • A grade of C or higher is required if a course is to be counted toward the minor field.
  • These courses count toward the 12 semester credit hour limit.

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